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Answering Your Kids’ Tough Questions

“Hey, Dad. Will your ear get wet if I spit in the phone?” I overheard the conversation as my son was talking to my husband on the kitchen phone—the kind we had years ago that was attached to the wall!

Kids are full of questions. Some are humorous and some are more serious. Being the mother of three inquisitive children, I answered many questions over the years—too many to count! One time my middle child woke me in the middle of the night. “Mom, I have a very important question,” he said as he shook my arm. “Can Jesus fly?” In my half-awake state of consciousness I mumbled, “Jesus can do anything.”

Many questions that kids ask are spontaneous, often triggered by something they are thinking about, or something they have seen or heard. Their questions help parents know what’s going on those busy little heads. Even though it can be mentally exhausting, it’s important to answer our kids’ questions—it’s how they learn. Children also believe what you tell them, so I was glad they came to me for answers rather than going to someone else—especially when it came to questions about God.

But what about kids who are more quiet and introverted? How do we direct them as well as their more talkative siblings to ask about deeper faith-based issues? Here are a few tips:

Incorporate reading books into your daily routine.

Whether they are fun and whimsical, educational or spiritual, the content of a book almost always give the readers something to talk about.

Choose devotionals or Bible story books for children that have questions to prompt conversation.

Reading devotions at mealtime or bedtime gives parents an opportunity to dig into some deeper faith discussions. Be sure to choose kid-friendly books with engaging text and colorful illustrations.

Read children’s books about God, Jesus, creation, and other topics that are biblically based.

Kids can have a deeper understanding of God and come to know him as a person when material is presented with age-appropriate language and a kid-friendly format.

By Crystal Bowman, author of I’ve Got Questions! Series

The Check out the new series by Tyndale Kids—I’ve Got Questions! The first two books release June 1st and are exactly what parents need to have enjoyable and meaningful question and answer chats with their kids. Does God Take Naps?  features questions and answers about who God is what he does. Do Baby Bears Have Mommies? offers questions and answers about God’s animal kingdom. Whimsical rhymes and adorable illustrations will engage your children as they learn important truths. And don’t be surprised if they want to read the books over and over again! Kids have lots of questions. You can help them find the answers!


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