Free Printable Mother’s Day Card

Don’t forget to write a special note for Mom on Mother’s Day! In celebration of mothers everywhere, here’s a free printable card (designed by yours truly)!

To print the card, click HERE. Once it enlarges, right click and save to your desktop.

Recommended printing instructions: Print on card-stock. The template is sized for 8.5 x 11 paper, but the card once folded is 6 x 4.25. Make sure you don’t have the “fit to page” option selected if your printer has that option. Then just write your note and stick it in the mail!

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Raised in the rural Midwest, Bethany harbors a soft spot for animals, kids, and cornfields. Bethany has enjoyed working as the marketer for the C. S. Lewis Center at Taylor University and as a teacher at a Bible summer camp in Michigan prior to launching as Tyndale's Content Marketing Coordinator. A classic Millennial, she loves Christian nostalgia from her childhood, such as Relient K, AIO, and NEST Animated Bible Stories.

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