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Which Type of Bible Reader Are You?

If you believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, you probably also believe it is important to be reading it regularly to inform your faith and relationship with Christ. But how do you know which Bible is for you? And once you find one, where do you begin? Scripture reading can be daunting. To find the right Bible for you, and to develop a plan for reading, it can be helpful first to determine which kind of Bible reader you are. Take this quiz to find your type and then use the Tyndale House Bible Finder to find the perfect Bible for you!

Chloe Renzema is the Content Marketing Coordinator at Tyndale House Publishers. Chloe grew up in Michigan where she developed her love of lakes and the outdoors. She is passionate about creating visually appealing content that communicates simply and clearly. In her free time Chloe enjoys running, reading, freelance graphic design work, and volunteering with YoungLife.


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